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DN&T provides expertise in the maritime and naval fields. As specialized technicians, we carry out verifications and measurements by means of devices adapted and improved:

  • Measurement of the shapes of ships and reconstitutions of the numerical lines fairing,
  • Stability test of all ships types,
  • Calculation of ship stability and/or after transformation,
  • Structural analysis for ships transformation,
  • Approval of the plans by the classification societies,
  • Carry out inspections of the hull during construction, modification and repair of the ships.

DN&T has contacts with the private and the professional parties in navigation and the insurance companies as well in Belgium as abroad. DN&T also carries out expertises on naval structures for civil and industrial organizations.


DN&T also carries expertise in the field of logistics and transport, as route studies, optimization,  multimodal transport, security during transport ...

  • Project research  : GIR (running) : Integrated Risk Management of the supply chain. Security  during multimodal transport of dangerous goods, facilitating the work of safety advisers,  improving  the effectiveness of rescuers in case of accident involving a hazardous material.
  • Technical and economical study of a passengers water transportation in Liège (2010)
  • Technical assistance through the 7th FP program: Studies of the extension works in Wallis and Futuna (2008)
  • Development of the Ferry Transport and Coastal Transport Sector in Guyana (2005)
  • Study of the'' National Strategy for Rural Transport in Mali "SNTR" (2004)
  • Evaluation of the slovaque shipyard ‘SLK’ in order to propose solutions to improve the productivity (2000)
  • Project research in the area of inland navigation "Conceptual Analysis -Transportation for Rivers" (CATRIV) (1998)
  • Project research in the domain of the applied telematics to the fluvial navigation: "Inland Telematic navigation" (INVITES) (1995)
  • Study of computerization and real time management of operations relating to the operation of river traffic for the promotion of inland waterway (FLUVIATIQUE) (1992)

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