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The main objective of the IMPROVE project is to develop three new ship generations in an integrated multiple criteria decision making environment by using the advanced design synthesis and analysis techniques at the earliest stage of the design process, which innovatively considers structure, production, operational aspects, performance, and safety criteria on a concurrent basis. The product types focused on this project are new generations of LNG gas carriers and chemical tankers, and an innovative concept of a large Ro-Pax vessel.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • develop improved generic ship designs based upon multiple criteria mathematical models,
  • improve and apply rational models for estimation of the design characteristics (capacity, production costs, maintenance costs, availability, safety, reliability and robustness of ship structure) in the early design phase,
  • use and reformulate basic models of multiple criteria ship design, and include them into an integrated decision support system for ship production and operation.

The participation of DN&T in this project relates to the study structural aspect of a LNG tanker. A 3D model of the structure will be developped on the NAPA steel software to allow thereafter use of this model for finite elements calculation.



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