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The main aim of the Navbus project is to study the feasibility of a new means of conveyance in the Province of Liège that use the Meuse River.
The transport system uses boats as regular lines running between Herstal and Seraing, and passing through the City Center of Liège.
This new type of transportation comes in addition to the other transpiration systems of the Province of Liège.

The boats can carry up to 100 persons and will have a transportation schedule similar to that of TEC (Bus Public Transport).

The access and the passenger’s accommodations allows an easily transport for persons with reduced mobility. Special areas are intend for strollers, folding bikes and normal bikes.

The propulsion of these boats is electrical-diesel hybrid type.
This choice makes the boats eco-friendly, and offers an increased noise comfort for passengers and residents of Liège.


Length overall : 19m
Breadth : 5m
Draft : 1.1m

Passengers capacity : 110



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