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DN&T provides a very detailed engineering service and design work on different types of ships such as:

  • General Cargo Ships
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Tug boats
  • Passengers ships and Ferries
  • Yachts and pleasure boats

In all these designs DN&T carries out the conceptual design, feasibility analyzes, technical specifications, basic and classification plan, detailed engineering of hull and outfitting and NC cutting files.

Concept design


During the first stages of the design process, DN&T’s engineers determine the basic parameters which will influence dimensions of the ship, the hull shape, the propulsion system according to the client’s specifications and requirements. At the initial design, DN&T provides the following services:

  • Determination of the main dimensions according to the type of ship, its speed and its capacity of loading;
  • Preliminary calculation of general arrangement;
  • Preliminary study of the forms;
  • Analyze of propulsion system;
  • Preliminary calculation of stability, trim, ...
  • Feasibility study;

Structure Analysis


The Engineers of DN&T are recognized for their control of structural calculation. Their objective is the research of the optimal configuration of the ships. Their principal goal being to limit the quantity of materials implemented while keeping with the classification society and the necessity to have a resistant hull.

A significant part of their work consists to generate the 3D model, meshing and calculations by Finite elements method for:

  • Vibrations;
  • Fatigue and propagation of cracks;
  • Fluid interaction/structure;
  • Dynamics calculation (shocks, crash landing/impact, explosions,...).

Naval Hydrodynamics


Thanks to the towing tank of the University of Liege and the numerical simulation (CFD), DN&T proposes hydrodynamic studies which cover the following fields:

  • Hull resistance and powering;
  • Self-propulsion;
  • Seakeeping;



CAD/CAM Engineers and draftsmen of DN&T carry out the following activities:

  • Lines fairing;
  • Preparation of manufacturing sections;
  • Preparation of block drawing;
  • Design of the 3D structural model;
  • Calculation of weight of block and center of gravity;
  • Determination of element position numbers;
  • Preparation of workshop drawings;
  • Development of sheets and preparation for cutting;
  • Preparation of NC files and nesting.

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