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ITS - Inland Traffic Simulator


Purpose of the software

ITS is a simulation software for inland traffic. It is intended for stakeholders interested in

  • analyzing the traffic fluidity,
  • improving the use of the infrastructure,
  • studying the impact of new developments or changes in use on the waterways exploitation.



Types of Analysis

ITS allows to investigate the river network from a local as well as a global perspective.

A local study will focus on

  • passing narrow passages, alternates, curves or under bridges,
  • groups of locks partially out of service,
  • lengthening and doubling of locks,
  • widening and recalibration of waterways.

A global study will analyze the impact on the entire network

  • of a change in infrastructure,
  • of an increase in traffic,
  • of changes in navigation rules.



Modeling of the waterway network

The simulation is based on a detailed modeling of the waterway network and of the fleet using it.

The modeling of the infrastructure makes it possible to define

  • waterways,
  • locks,
  • local details (passages under bridges, narrow passages, alternates, curves, etc.).

For infrastructure elements it is possible to define

  • physical characteristics,
  • allowed speeds,
  • crossing and over passing rules,
  • locking and maneuvering times.

The fleet modeling takes into account

  • ship dimensions,
  • ship priority levels,
  • ship upstream and downstream speeds.

Periods of inactivity attributed to the infrastructure elements and to the fleet can be modeled according to deterministic or random rules

  • maintenance periods,
  • breakdowns,
  • operating schedules.




The results are obtained from the statistical treatment of the ships participating in the simulation. Thus, the outputs include

  • waiting times classified by type of waiting,
  • travel times,
  • locks water consumption,
  • lengths of lock waiting lines,
  • lock occupancy rates,
  • comparisons of various scenarios.


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