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Purpose of the software

Trajectobat is used for trajectography studies consisting in determining the navigation conditions for different types of boats in relation with the local physical characteristics (type of navigation - alternating or crossing, temporary parking, position of new floating establishments) and regulatory constraints.




Trajectobat is a real-time simulator allowing to realistically emulate the trajectory of a boat by taking into account in detail its characteristics, the engine rpm and rudder angle commands given by the user, as well as the influence of external factors such as wind and current.

The user has a top down view of the boat and the surrounding terrain. The view can be locked on the terrain (the boat is moving and turning on fixed ground) or on the boat (the boat remains fixed while the terrain moves and turns).

The user can read on the screen the main parameters of the simulation, namely the elapsed time, the engine speed, the rudder angle, the longitudinal, lateral and rotational speeds, the heading, as well as wind and current directions and speeds.

In addition to the use case in which the user controls the boat's commands in real time, it is possible to perform a simulation based on a predefined list of commands loaded from a data file.

The control of the boat is done by keyboard, mouse or joystick. In the case of the joystick, a specialized control panel for boats may be used.




During the simulation, the commands and the response of the ship’s engine and rudder, as well as all data relating to the ship’s trajectory are recorded. The user can also add "bookmarks" during the simulation, which may be used to resume the simulation of a certain point of interest. The time scale of the simulation can be changed at any moment.


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